Neering Technologies Inc has a long history in the development and manufacturing of custom precision filter networks and transformers for the electronic industry .

Neering customers are the manufacturers of communication equipment, telephone equipment, computers and computer peripherals, remote sensing equipment, process control equipment and many others. our customers include several major Canadian, US, European and South American manufacturers.


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Filters (LC&RC) 

  All Neering products are warranted for life against defective materials and workmanship. Any product that does not meet the original specification will be repaired or replaced at no charge.  Neering products are custom designed to individual customer specifications. This means that the spectrum of our products is infinite. Since each customer requirement is different, Neering has not attempted to catalog the numerous types of networks and transformers we manufacture.  Neering welcomes your enquiries regarding your current and future needs. Our staff will be pleased to discuss pricing on any items you may be presently purchasing from a competitor, regardless of the size of your requirement.

Phone:(613)737-1953 Fax:(613)739-3787

8 Walton Court, Ottawa, Ont, Canada, K1V 9T1

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